Sunday, April 20, 2008

Short and sweet

I caught up with a good friend last night and asked her if she had read my blog lately. She said she hadn't as I write too much. I laughed at this - as did she because we were having a chuckle over it. I also talk lots too.

So here is a blog for her - short and sweet. I promise to be succinct.

I feel energetic about life again.
  • I have started tracking my food (was getting a little out of control).
  • Exercise - am getting this back on track without it costing an absolute fortune.
  • My friends are fantastic and are keeping me grounded and are looking out for me in more ways than one.
  • Family bonds are getting strong again.
  • Professionally I am very much on track (but very hectic).
  • Romantically - not involved with anyone, but I am quite content at the moment.
  • Socially I am having lots of fun.
  • Financially - starting to get "control" for the future.
  • Neighbourly - well they're the lowest point of my life BUT I am starting to sort this out.
So that's it. I love my life again.

Have a great Sunday.


scottsabode said...

I love those moments of equilibrium when all's well with the world! Sounds great!

Joh said...

Hey, same here! Must be the day for it! Although I did just go and buy a stack of clothes so perhaps financially I'm no longer doing so good:-)

Vanessa said...

Sounds like everything is in balance and moving forward in your life. Great!