Friday, April 18, 2008


I've pretty much had a great day. I taught all day without any student teachers watching me teach or asking me questions about why I did what I did. I did have a conversation with my student teacher about what I had taught to my year 8 class that I had expected him to teach. he didn't witness it but he thinks that the paper I wrote the lesson plan out for him is "gold". I think he is sucking up!

He announced to me at lunch that a university lecturer will be coming to 'see' him on Wednesday next week during the Year 8 class and that he was going to move onto something different. Two things went through my mind - "shit, that is the class he had when I was absent last Wednesday and he hasn't really got a huge amount of control of them." and "why does he want to teach something new...he hasn't finished the other topic."

I dealt with the 2nd thought first. "No, you haven't finished rhythm. Why do you think you are going to move on....." then going on to explain why he needed to 'finish' a topic so that he could regain some sense of control with the kids and then also giving meaning to each topic and not allowing them to become just time fillers.

I am still thinking how I will deal with the first thought. I think he should be allowed to gain some control with the kids before a lecturer comes out to see him. I will chat to the coordinator on Monday and see what he thinks. I think I will then contact the university lecturer and ask her to ring me to discuss this. I might have to explain why I am hesitant to have another visitor come into a class with him. Maybe the week later would be better.....

The rest of the day was full of fun and laughter. There was a lot of thought in the day as well. I started the day with a quick test with my year 11 class and they have done pretty well. Great work to them. I had a chuckle with my form group as we got through the footy tipping and finding out who wants to nominate for the junior school council. My year 8 class kicked bottom - they rock! Year 9 performance was great - even the bit when one boy told me "please don't be offended Miss but your shirt is distracting me as it reminds me of Rainbow ice cream." I haven't stopped smiling over that. He was very concerned that he might offend my sense of fashion (silly boy - he should know that I don't have a strong one....) Finally I got to work with my year 12 boy on Sculthorpe's "Earth Cry". Great!

After the teaching day I caught up with the Student teacher and then we had some drinks to say a fond farewell to another fill in teacher. I love the fact that I get to meet so many other teachers but I hate that they only stay for a short period of time.

Dinner with another group of friends - some in better moods than others. I saw the movie "Lars and the Real Doll" which was fantastic. I think this will become a favourite of mine. It is funny and thought provoking at once.

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