Sunday, March 30, 2008

not much to say

I'm just checking in. I really don't have a lot to say at the moment.

Actually I have lots to say but at the moment it is rough, raw and quite vitriolic. I am angry - haven't yet worked out why. Might let you know when I have got to the bottom of it all.

One thing I will give you an update on is the neighbours. Both Friday night and Saturday night they had a party. They have been fairly quiet (for them they were!) in recent weeks.

Now being as angry as I am their party is aggravating to say the least. BUT both nights they have STOPPED their party just as I was trying to go to sleep. Friday night 12.30am. Saturday night midnight on the dot. This is just freaky! One moment they're singing along badly to really crappy music (I think that is called drunken festivities) and the next minute they have stopped.


Anonymous said...

Anger is the one emotion that can either hinder or help you. it can help you focus on the negatives or help you focus on your needs and give you a reason and strength to alter the future. The key is not to focus the anger on yourself or others and that its an internal strength that you recognise what you dont like and would like in life. Its annoying when what we picture and would like, does'nt happen however more often than not things turn out better and in a totally different way to what we expect as long as you stay focused. More so its at these moments we so often forget all the good things or strength of character we have and focus on a single issue. Could it be that the very failure of others to see you as you and their blindness is the real anger.

Mr Ex Goatie

Frogdancer said...

Do I see you as you??? Am I blind?

Um.... ????

Oh my God... you're angry at ME!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Please Mr Goatie... change your screen name... every time I read your name I can't help thinking of a notorious person who was known in the press as Mr B---y

Anonymous said...

Don't know whom you mean is that Mr Boaty. Oh well Widget what do you think it should be Mr Ed, Mr Squiggle ??? Let me know