Monday, March 31, 2008

Explaining anger

I stated that I am angry - this has caused an interesting reaction. People I know have asked me why. Yesterday morning I couldn't answer this. Now I can - or can to some degree.....

My neighbours - sheesh! As I stated yesterday they had a bit of a party up until 12.30 on Friday night, Saturday until midnight which is all just a little weird. Well I spoke too soon....they started up again at 9am yesterday morning. Radio blaring, laughing and joking loudly on the fence line AND then they lit the dreaded wood burner thing they have. My house now stinks of wood smoke. I went out yesterday for the whole day so I am not sure how long they were yahooing for.

I'm frustrated that I am not where I thought I would be - ie home ownership. I am still renting so the neighbours really frustrate me as I would LOVE to move but still saving really hard until I can purchase feels like it is such a long way away......months until I purchase.

Now I am tired (I didn't get home until 2am but it was great sitting having a good natter with friends) and on edge as I don't know when the neighbours will fire up again. I have that gag thing going (sorry if you're eating at the moment) that means that I am unable to swallow cleanly etc. Very frustrating when you want to have something to eat...

Before getting excessively tired I noticed that I am sickening - sore throat, headachy etc. Now I normally do get a bit grumpy when I am getting sick but it was only a small part of it. So this just added to my anger.

There are a few hormonal reasons for my anger but I wouldn't give it too much weight.

Then finally I have lucked out again in the world of dating. Interested guy, dinner, plans to catch up again, stood up. That's as simple as I can put it.

I wouldn't say that I am focusing on this but everyone else around me have used this as the reason to explain my anger. It's been fascinating. I have learnt this last weekend that if you say that you are angry, people need a reason pretty quickly. I know I do if someone around me says that they are angry. There is something a little disconcerting about having someone near you who seems edgy with no apparent reason.

The honest truth is that I am hurt by the situation that occurred with this bloke but I am not angry at him. I am frustrated at my reaction to the situation but again I am not that angry over it.

Today I am not so angry. I am more frustrated and edgy. The anger has subsided - but I will be using the emotion of it to complain to my estate agent about the neighbours AGAIN!

I would like to calm down a bit more as I am very wary of saying something to someone with the aggression that could cause a knockout blow to a friendship.

I will see how the day pans out.


Joh said...

Polluting neighbours really suck. I think I have your neighbours actually with the wood fire and the laughing yahooing stuff, but luckily I have put up a creeper screen along that fence and have more privacy.
I really think men who don't keep small agreements like 'showing up' are never to be forgiven. If they do it to you in the beginning, it's only going to get worse. It's dissappointing as hell though.
I would have a bath and a big cry if I was you - that works for me when I'm angry.

Anonymous said...

Your ability to bounce back is a strong attribute, equally the ability to recognise the number of factors combining to make you feel a certain way. Though you shouldnt have to explain yourself sometimes letting your friends know helps them to accept a stray word or two, thus understanding where it came from. You'll notice that whilst i talked about anger i never said any particular thing or person, it tends to be always cumulative with one or two things bringing it to a head. Maybe add to the Bath, some candles and a good loud piece of annoying Opera for your neighbours might do the trick... i can see the grin now.

Mr Boaty .... waiting on new suggestion see other responses

Frogdancer said...

Rudely wave a half-knitted sock at them.

That'll do the trick!

widget said...

I'm not big for the cry thanks Joh - but I will have a warm shower and have a 'girls night in'.

Mr Goatie/boaty - what about Fred? That'll do me - thanks again. You're right friendship is important and sharing experiences is great.

Frogdancer - well since they've put up the bloody big fence they cant see me so waving a sock of any sort is not the answer.

Thinking of engaging in either laugh therapy or scream therapy. Might vent alot of emotion.

A big sister read my blog and suggested to move anyway. I am thinking this through as well. I am looking and the idea starts to really entertain me....