Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Update on the desk - I have found part of it. It's like moving deckchairs on the titanic. I now have a few neat piles..... I might correct the books now while I wait for dinner in between parent teacher interviews.

There is something quite surreal about Parent teacher interviews. Parent sits down (with or without child) and we begin the process - what is good, what needs improvement and what I wont tolerate anymore. Parent nods their head, child looks sheepish, I feel better - all in the space of 5 minutes. Then we start again.

After 10 interviews I get bored of that set pattern and change it a little. I might ask the child what they think they are good at or what they might want to improve. I might ask a parent what they want to know - this is a last resort as they ask too many questions!

The only thing I worry about with parent teacher interviews is that I might lose my voice. It has happened 3 times before and I was absent for 2 days. Really annoying as a singer......

Right, enough of posting - back into the correcting......


Anonymous said...

You should try being a parent and doing this. Some dozy teacher explaining that a universal pass rate of 80% doesn't really means that it is all faked up.
they wouldn't speak to me - said I looked threatening even though I hadn't said a word.
luckily the son under discussion didn't need education. He found a woman with property.

Vanessa said...

I knew that desk was in there somewhere! ;)