Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I've lost my desk!

I'm sitting here surrounded by books. Not nice books that you want to pick up and read but student books. In these glorious things are many spelling errors and 'interesting' compositions.

I used to be an amazing speller. My grammar was fab once too. Now I forget how many 'm's you need in tomorrow or find that I am struggling with nouns and pronouns, I have also discovered the joys of running all my thoughts together into one GIANT sentence so I can get to the end of what I am typing so much faster - it saves time! (a 12 year old told me that just last year when I complained about a paragraph over 20 lines long and just ONE sentence.)

There are many things I love about my job: crazy antics of the students and teachers, the delight when they "get" something. BUT I must confess that correction is something I avoid as much as possible, as is book work. I put it off and then make an amazing and painful dash at it. This often happens as the towers around me start to crumble and hit me on the head as I try and create something new for the kiddies.

I just got a note in my pigeon hole (sounds very strange) that my student teacher starts at the beginning of next term. I must make sure the correction is done, my desk is clear and that I am the best example of all teachers.

Maybe tomorrow when it's meant to be cooler!


Vanessa said...

Good luck on finding your desk!

Frogdancer said...

I hope your student teacher is more competent than my last one...

Douglas W said...

Of course, you've heard about the new edition of Shakespeare written in SMS language... who needs spelling and grammar anyway... solves the problem of correction because nobody cares... and besides the number of new words that Shakespeare is supposed to have invented that we now take for granted... well... I HOPE U CN FIND UR DSK & CLN UP IN TME 4 UR STDNT TCHR F ITS NT 2 HOT :)