Tuesday, March 4, 2008

handy dandy men

I have a plethora of handy men at the moment.

One of the virtues of renting is that you can off load your 'issues' repair wise to them. I rang the office over 2 months ago when I wanted to have the fly wire replaced and then again I asked for the light in the kitchen to be replaced.

Dont get me wrong - I can change a light globe but this one in the kitchen is an old 1970s model and I tried!

Anyway for the past few weeks I have been cooking by lamplight - very romantic but not conducive for safety in the kitchen. (or hygiene by that token)

Last night the electrician rang and organised to come in and help me out at ten to 7 this morning. I was very happy about this.

Then it got very exciting. The handy man rang and said he was coming over today to change the fly wire! I told him it was the time for handy men.

Lovely man. He listened to my story. He laughed at the right moments. Then he told me I might need to get out more if that was exciting for me.

Yes - I think he is right.


Vanessa said...

Always fabulous to have such handy men around to help! I take one if you have an extra, the one I live with is useless!

Douglas W said...

Hmmm... what needs to be done? Hammering; painting; fixing; gardening; washing; cleaning; even sewing... oh well, so many useful skills and nobody needing to make use of them. Pity I'm reluctant to advertise.