Tuesday, November 13, 2007

So I have gone into this mode of "I must get fit". It started two years ago - decided to drop the kilos. So far 18 gone. Had lost 22 but had a relapse and realised I needed to do something more than just watch what I ate. So I joined an outdoor training group. 8 sessions later and I feel that I am starting to achieve something.

Now this is not going to be a testimonial to the joys that I have faced with either the weight loss group or the fitness group but I must say that I have realised that I have the personality that needs others to help me in this area. Both groups that I have been a part of have filled ths void. I think the fitness group is the better of the two as it fits my latent competitive nature. There is nothing like passing the last person in a run (as I did last night) so that you know you are not the worst person fitness wise. If I thought about this rationally I would come to the conclusion that I might be a little 'sick'.

Enough blowing of my own trumpet......

Nah! Bugger it! My delightful year 10s have a showcase of their talent tonight. Just over TWO (yes count them all!) hours of entertainment..... did I piss of the one or two children - you bet your bottom dollar. I have cut a few things out of the program - well really only one song and disappointed a few kids in the process. Hmmmmmm. I will think about this for future reference.

I am quite proud of them but I have spent a long time with them and need a little bit of time away from them. They are performing a really interesting array of songs here and there. I think I will enjoy the evening despite the many hours.

Now I have to write a quick talk for tonight - what to say, what to say.

Highlight of the day - walking into a rehearsal and there is the school principal there with a television news camera crew!!!! Have we started any rehearsal? No. Had I spoken to the kids about my expectations for the day? No! Did the principal ask me to get a few kids to get up to perform? Yes! Was I a bit perplexed for a moment? Yes! Did the kids do a great job today? Yes. Was I told that the kids were taking too much time to set themselves up to "perform"? Yes.

Highly entertaining day all round.

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