Sunday, April 24, 2011


Bonjour from Paris,

It's always interesting to get on a plane and finding yourself in another country and really discovering your inner strengths.

I am traveling with a group of women that I really haven't really known before this trip. A week down and all is going white well. Of course there are the teething issues as we try to work out our differences of personalities...... We are four women who have been. Around a while and we are strong personality types. The woman I am sharing with is lovely and the most caring woman I have known, but I am a little frustrated by her nattering away to herself as she gets things ready in the morning.....night time nothing emits from her mouth as she sorts out her space so I find it interesting to have her chatting lots in the morning. I am not really a morning person so I have to look past this - which I am, but it is an idiosyncrasy that I find a challenge. I know that I have my own challenges for anyone sharing with me.

Paris was probably the best place for us to work out the way we work together. It is generally a safe place. Sure there are pockets, as in most cities, where it is dangerous but we are discovering how we work in a gentle place. I have discovered that I am the navigator and the interpreter. Today I even became the tour guide. I take 100s of photos a day then edit them's fabulous.

Highlights of Paris include the view from the Eiffel tower and the amazing chocolate drinks I have had.

I have really hated the queues and did suggest we get out tickets for most of the major attractions, but it didn't happen so we waited a long time for tickets.....suggestion for future travelers buy your tickets early! Future trips for me will mean this.

I am tired due to little sleep and the fact that I am traveling with two women who believe you should be moving all the time....even without a real purpose....we discussed this over drinks and dinner tonight and I suggested again to purchase tickets to major attractions as soon as we land at our hotel in barcelona.....there now seems to be agreement over this. Once in the new hotel, I will write further...if there is free wifi...gotta love that!


Frogdancer said...

So glad you're having a good time!
(Should have written that in French so you could interpret...)

Anonymous said...

Yep - I agree. The best thing we bought in Paris was the Musee Visite pass - straight through all the queues!
Hope you post some pics when you can!