Friday, March 26, 2010

friday night and I am stuffed

Today marks the beginning of my holidays. After the term, the last week in particular, I really need them!

Music Festival was last week - awesome! I believe that it was the best one for the last few years. The kids are amazing!

(Frogdancer, I am trying to use less exclamation marks....I promise.)

Personal health - good, although I need to refocus my energy. Tomorrow morning I am back to the gym and getting as active as possible.

The last day has been very trying. One of my colleagues was having a bit of an issue with dates that another had set. Instead of having a rational conversation about the dates, the conversation was very emotive and high energy. This was two weeks ago. I was consulted by both of the people at two different times - two weeks apart. I advised the one who set the dates (2 weeks ago) and then reminded the second that it was not my conversation and that this needed to take place between them- not me (yesterday).

I did not give the answer that the second wanted to hear.....she spoke to my co-leader who set out an inflammatory email without checking all the facts. I had to deal with the ramifications today! The second was in and started in again on her argument......I finally got a little cross. I advised her that I thought that her behaviour was bordering on unprofessional. I had not yet spoken to my co-colleague yet! I was unimpressed with him and I felt that we needed to clear the air.

She left, he came in. I spoke to him and explained the whole story from go to whoa. I pointed out that I was unimpressed with his involvement as I felt that we were being played as the 'required' answer was not given first time. I also felt that he should have consulted me, at the very least, or maybe the person who set the dates in the first place. I felt that he had treated people without the professional respect that they were due. (Oh she rang him on his mobile while we were talking......)

I pointed out that it was not the decision I was concerned about, but rather the process that had been subverted. I had, or so I believed, the situation under control yesterday but his email had pointed out that I did not.

I finally stated that I was concerned about the behaviour of the second woman. She has reacted in a number of interesting ways this week, each one has left her a great deal more hysterical than before. Her behaviour of the last few days made me even more concerned and that I think she needs some professional help - or even a holiday, long term holiday.....not a few weeks.

I then had to 'tidy' up the whole situation with the first woman.

My co colleague took on board all I said. He acknowleged that if he had had all the information, he might have reacted differently and that his email was probably not worded well. He apologised to me and the woman who had given out all the dates in the first place. (via email and in person)

On a REALLY good note - we had a great lunch, the classroom teachers and I. We talked through the positives and not so positives of the term. Fantastic! We are becoming a tight little working unit!

Now to my well earned break.......
- massage
- garden show
- lunch with friends
- Sydney for a holiday for a week!
- Easter with family
- an arranging course
- lots of reading
- lots of being still

I'll let you know how it's all going.

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