Monday, September 21, 2009

set up

Saturday night I believe I was invited out to dinner as part of a set up. Interestingly I said 'yes' to an invitation to dinner for a person's birthday.....I don't know this person. I thought there might be few people there. Few is the word we need to focus on. 8 altogether.

Actually the conversation went like this
Friend: Are you doing anything on the 19th?
Me: Not at this stage (was 4 weeks ago!)
Friend: We're going out to dinner are you interested in coming?
Me: Sounds good. Where are we going?
Friend: Not sure at this stage. I'll let you know as soon as I know.
Me: No worries. What time?
Friend: Probably early. It's So and So's birthday.
Me: Who's he?
Friend: You remember? He came to a bbq at our house.
Me: Not really.......(thinking it is now too late to pull out of dinner....bugger!)

I sat next to the birthday boy - I was interested in catching up with the people that I did know but didn't really get much of a chance.......

This man is nice enough except for one thing that will drive me to distraction. He is, in my opinion, sickly sweet. Maybe I am picky but that is something that I would rather be.

I could be reading way to much into it.....maybe it was just his birthday and I was invited a long to even up the numbers. That's it.......

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