Saturday, May 2, 2009

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The PD yesterday was ok. I don't think it was worth the 2 hours drive there and the 2 hours drive back of which 1 hour each was was in peak hour traffic. My back particularly doesn't think it was worth all of that effort. I worked it out. I spent about 11 hours sitting yesterday. Not happy!

So, what did I learn? I learnt that the group running the PD have a major political position that they are trying very hard to push. In fact, they set up their own music association to do so. The whole day there seemed to be some sort of need to prove how good each of the people presenting were. There was a great deal of ego brushing. Very frustrating.

But I did hear a few good things and I also realised that my school is doing quite well in the musical field. I also learnt a lot about the thinking of my boss. I also had a quiet word about the load that I have. He thinks that I asked for the load that I have. I did ask for junior and senior classes but, as I pointed out, I was not expecting to have the sheer number of classes that I have been fortunate to get. I don't think it made any real impact but there you have it.

On other news, I have purchased a new printer. I have found that I really would like to have my own printer at home so I can print out my work sheets here and then take them to work and photocopy them. I can have the file ready to go and just pop them into the machine on my way through. This printer can also print onto CDs which excites me no end.

I have just made a batch of ANZAC biscuits and had to eat the burnt bottom ones......they don't count do they?

I have also stocked the shelves JUST IN CASE we are told to stay home. I have more food here than I have had in yonks. I don't think we will be but better to be prepared.

I have also been playing on Twitter. I am being followed by a few people that makes me laugh. Andrew O'Keefe (only Australians will know the host of 'Deal or No Deal') and Kevin Rudd. Well I decided to follow Kevin and he's following back. I was just hanging out there on the twitter site and went looking to see who is there.......I don't think Kevin will be that excited by my updates...."waiting for the piano tuner" etc.

Others that I am following include Oprah - just coz! and Hugh Jackman. He has thanked everyone for the nice comments about his film Wolverine. Also he is going to be on Oprah this Friday - although here in Australia we might have to wait a fair bit longer.

Re reading the above I realise I sound like a twat. I also realise that I have started rambling again.

Right! Off to correction...woo hoo!

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Bayjb said...

Hey you're on twitter! That's great news. What's your handle? I'm @bayjb. I would totally follow you. Sadly, I don't follow Oprah though