Monday, April 13, 2009

follow up

So you post about something and then it all changes.

Well not quite. Back still sore but not spasming. Thanks to all who sent best wishes - I no longer have to retreat to the floor for hours on end. I was beginning to get a lot bored!

I have been stretching lots. Am still going to investigate the pilates etc because buggered if I am going to allow this happen again.

Sciatic pain is a bitch. You think all is fine and dandy and then pain down the leg because you sat the wrong way, moved the wrong way etc. I know it is there as a reminder to chill out and take it slowly. Um? What? Don't really know how to take it that slow. Probably why I ended up the way I did! Actually I am very good at slothing - but once I get going I move fast. I don't think there is a happy medium for me. It's either go or stop.

Hope all had a lovely Easter/Passover etc. Those who are orthodox - I'll try to remember next week to wish you a lovely easter. Public holiday here and I'm loving today. Probably cause I can move a little more freely and get a few things done. Family gathering today as well - which means getting out of the house. Yay.

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River said...

I know exactly how you feel. I sprained my back in 1986, it's never been the same since. I've found it impossible to watch TV or even to read comfortably while lying on the floor with cushions under my knees.