Monday, March 16, 2009

woo hoo

Monday and I am feeling somewhat refreshed.

Today I had the third week of no year 7 frustrating. I will get over it but I was cross for a little bit.

Year 12 class #1 freaked out as I gave them a spot test. "I wasn't warned" - well it is a spot test. "Will this count?" - not to your end of year mark but it will let you know what you know and what you should work on..........

Year 12 class #2 became confused over definitions of Large, Medium and Small scale compositions. Once we broke it down they were fine. They still laughed at my REALLY BAD jokes. Bless them.

Rehearsal at lunch was really interesting. The kid I am working with struggles with reading and then is scared that she is making a mistake. The music is friggin' hard!

What do you get with 25 hyperactive year 8 kids and a class set of djembes? My period 5 class and a BIG headache. Well it was noisy but fun. I got over my headache pretty quickly.

As well I entered 4 kids into AMEB grade 3 theory, I helped organise kids for a publicity shoot tomorrow, counseled a year 12 who has frozen with fear, listened to an outline for the massed singing item for this years Winter Concert and worked on pieces for the Cabaret night.

Now home I am going to look at arrangements for the Year 8 band rehearsal tomorrow and write out a guitar part or two.......

Meanwhile the cd ripping continues.........

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Scott said...

I like your Ad Free site badge! Where can I buy one? (Get it? I crack myself up!). Hope the headaches clear!