Friday, March 13, 2009

so tired but still awake

Sheesh! I am glad this week is over.

Well - Sunday I went to a friends bbq and overate sausages and cheese. Not in the one sitting. I ate heaps and then suffered the consequences the next day. Thank goodness it was a public holiday.

Tuesday back on deck and working hard in my year 8 band. My year 12s sort of did the right thing all the day.

Wednesday night the year 8s performed REALLY LOUDLY and painstakingly fast at "Meet the year 7s. Parents and teacher night." I haven't laughed so hard in so long. My Percussion kids took off like a rocket. I did the best I could to keep up with them. Rehearsals were not like this.....their first performance for the year was a hoot. We have had 4 rehearsals on new pieces and the kids have been, on average, playing for about 8 months. I was so impressed. the non percussionists (well the flautists) were trying not to laugh at my facial reactions while they played their instruments.

I had some of the more bizarre conversations with some parents. In fact one dad was doing his best chatting up lines on me. That was fun! Glad his wife wasn't around at that exact away from that one and chatted to a woman who told me that her daughter had to stop playing the trumpet as it would probably ruin her teeth and therefore her good looks.

Finally got home, after my singing lesson, at 9.

Thursday I taught all day and we had the house music festival during the night. One of my year 9s was caught wagging and finally turned up during the last lesson of the day. We had a chat and he did improve through the lesson. I was impressed by his change.

Thursday night, after talking to a fair few parents, I got home 10pm.

Today my student teacher finished up. She is very, very good. I look forward to working with her when she comes back as an intern. The only downside to her finishing today was the crazy emotional meltdown a student had. It was awful. We dealt with the situation but it was awful.

I got home between 6 and half past. Lying here on the couch. I should be asleep but can't be bothered getting up. will as soon as I have finished the post......

In amongst all of this I have booked tickets for Angelique Kidjo, organised the replacement of the top casing of my laptop and finally got my itunes working for me again. Very happy with my ability to download again.

The back neighbours have had a few LOUD fights at night this week. As I have rearranged the lounge, it is not as easy to hear the statements being shouted from one to another. I miss them.

Next week will be even more crazy. No lunchtimes for me next week. Rehearsals for a main character in the school musical, rehearsals for a girl quartet for the cabaret night and finally standard choir rehearsal.....AND I have to take all my own classes.

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Anonymous said...

I remember being one of those flautists who was privileged to see/hear our band director's facial expressions and comments that the kids in the back never experienced. Likewise, we got to make jokes with him. Does playing the trumpet actually do anything to a person's teeth?