Friday, January 2, 2009

on my way home - sometime today.

I fly out of Perth tonight - 11.35pm local time. Here it is a sultry 39 Celsius. When I arrive in Melbourne it will be 5.05am and, from what I can read, 9 Celsius! Tomorrow in Melbourne it is meant to be about 22 which was less than the overnight temperature here last night.

I am not going to really miss the heat. I will miss it from the point of view of washing. I mean you can put the washing out and it will be dry within an hour - this is not a joke.

Packing today was quite an effort. As usual I overpacked clothes on my way here - 16kgs well the case weighs in at about 2 kgs but I think they make allowances for that already. I also had presents for people here. But I have purchased lots of chocolate, fudge, jams, spreads and wine.

Actually lets not talk about the wine.

No, I changed my mind again. I will.

I purchased 8 bottles and had planned on drinking at least 2 but that didn't happen. I then faced the consequential issue of how to get 8 bottles of wine from one side of the country to the other.

Solution. Post it. Australia post have special boxes so I that will do. Might cost me a little but, meh!

That's this afternoon. Post office to work out how much etc. I might have a rest and then we have dinner and finally off to the airport at 10pmish.

I purchased a case - overnight one - to travel with me on the plane. It has so many pockets and hidden compartments that I am not sure where they all start and finish. In that I have popped SOME chocolate, a few magazines and books and a few other trinkets.

All the spreads are wrapped in bubble wrap and clothes and are in my case.

As I mentioned the ease of washing and drying clothes earlier I will now tell you - and you do need to know - that I have no dirty clothes to go back with. I was up at 9.30 and washed my bed linen, clothes and towel. By 11.30 all were dry, folded and away. Riveting I know but I am impressed. When I get home I will put all of it away. All done! Exciting.

This means that I will get home - about 7am and collapse into bed for a few hours.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like such easy traveling, minus the overpacking business. I know plenty of people who pack an extra, but empty, bag--a small tote bag or something--so they'll have one more bag to put stuff in when they inevitably acquire more things on the trip.

I'm sure your home by now. I hope your traveling was stress free and you're all rested up now.

Vanessa said...

That's the thing about traveling, I tend to overpack and get very rigid about what I allow into my case. Posting is always a great idea too. I hope you got some rest since the plane ride was not peaceful.