Thursday, November 20, 2008

Justify your response

I've learnt lots about musos today. They are a unique bunch who really like to know where they stand in relation to you. This is all subjective but you have to justify your position with hard documentary evidence.

Today I did the training for the Music Styles exam. OMG!! This is one tough exam. It is SOOOOOO subjective. Once I start reading and applying the whole marking scheme it will be easier.

It was a tough exam for the kids to do and it is tough for the assessors.

There is seemingly a multitude of answers to the questions that have been set. If you can justify your response then you have the ability to do really well. You also have to be able to interpret the question - how much do you utilise a term if the question asks you to 'refer' to it? Depends on how well you talk about the main focus of the question.

Then there is the whole idea of there being so many works the kids can talk about. There are no set works that they MUST refer to in a certain way. This is like a can of worms. I love it but I am scared.....

The big difference between the training for this study and the one I did last week is today I'm one of four - last week I was one of 16 (I think). Your opinion REALLY matters and you have to be able to justify your response.

So once you throw your hat into the ring and start assessing the walls come down as you can argue your point about why you awarded something a certain mark.....If you can make it stick then there is a level of respect.

Tonight we had our Stage Bands jazz night to raise money for their trip to China next year. Instead of verbally justifying your existence there was a push to stake your claim with melodic lines, virtuosic playing and emotional understanding in relation to the music. Tough gig for the amateurs amongst us. Thank goodness I was witnessing this instead.

I wasn't going to go tonight as I need to get these papers marked - but I think I will do some in the morning and it is all good so far.

I am really glad I went. I saw the kids performing in such a different light. The Stage Band played - they were tight and kicked some serious bottom.

The leader of the band had some of his mates (who he has performed with for YEARS) play. The interaction between these guys was something to behold. There was finger pointing when they thought that someone should take a solo. There was no music and there was a great deal of stage craft being utilised. It was fantastic.

After interval we had some ex students performing. The playing was really out there and there was a level of sophistication that I really hope my current kids can attain. Well to be honest I know they could easily.

The stage band got up again and there was a noticeable difference in the way they played due to what they had witnessed earlier. It was great! They are learning so fast and they are easily inspired.

Now to bed so I can rise early and mark another 5 papers before work.

Spider bite is much better since the drugs have had 24 hours to kick in. The swelling is reduced, redness going and the itchiness has improved.

Also I have decided to show you lots of bands that I love. If you have suggestions for me to view let me know.......

Here are The Waifs.

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