Sunday, November 16, 2008

I would like to share this video with you.

Before you watch it I would like to explain how I ended up becoming a Red Dwarf fan. One of my sisters introduced me to the show when it was on a Sunday afternoon. A strange show - robots, a cat that interbred to become a human like character (the main singing and dancing male), the last surviving human in the world (the one with bad rats tales) and a hologram (silver H on forehead). I loved it instantly.

this is a dream sequence of the cat which is captured on the dream machine

I love the slightly dated to sleep and then finish of the first 100 exams (75 done) Thanks to Frogdancer for putting up with my manic mood this evening

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Laura Jane said...

Ah Widget!

A fellow Red Dwarf fan!

I loved it, and thanks for the link, I really enjoyed it.

It brings back happy memories of early teenaged son and his mates. I always loved Cat - he was so confident - except when hissing in alarm!