Monday, November 17, 2008


Hooray me! I've JUST finished 150 exams. I am so pleased with myself. They weren't as tortuous as I thought they would be and the neighbours were quiet which meant I could concentrate really easily.

Tomorrow is the day to finish school based correction and really get stuck into the reports.

Wednesday the year 11 kidlets do their exams for me (2 subjects) so I will spend that day doing my correction for that.

Thursday training for the next subject I jokingly put my hand up to mark. Apparently they are desperate. I did ask "were you desperate?" To which I got the answer "yes". Lesson to be learnt....don't ask such questions. From what I could ascertain they didn't appoint all the examiners from last year. Not sure why. Don't care. Just know that it will make for a new and exciting experience for me!

I just worked it out that I only have 9 more school days left for the year! But if I deduct the training day on Thursday and the student free day next week (report writing) I have only 7. That report writing day happens to be on the Friday and I think I might just have all mine finished by Monday instead!

I am glad that you enjoyed the car cake. We had a similar ad idea here in Australia but they sculpted the car out of sand. It was awesome. There are some interesting ads out there to say the least.

So now i am feeling rather chuffed with myself and I am going to go for a walk to the local post box to send of my local council election form. For all you Americans out there we HAVE to vote in all elections including the local government ones! I might just drop into a friend of mine as well and drop of the little present I got for her.

Tonight I will edit one year 11 exam and finish the audio so I can print and bag that tomorrow.

I am typing furiously as I haven't really spoken to anyone all day as I have been on a mission to accomplish what I did!



Vanessa said...

Hooray you! Now treat yourself to something fun!

Anonymous said...

Yep- Go You!
(counting the weeks now)