Monday, November 10, 2008

all ironed out

Crochet......I have joined 40 squares. 20 to go. Then edging. It looks good. there will be no photos. I don't have camera. Will be done tonight as it is getting hot in the next few days and I want the blanket out of the way.

I didn't finish last night as I was ironing.

I got a new iron.

(just noticed that this blog is becoming riveting!)

The last iron didn't survive the nose dive it took two weeks ago. I thought it had survived. I turned it on a few days ago to iron a shirt or two but it never got warm. I own a lot of cotton and linen summer wear so I need to have an iron.

One of the stores that I go to had a 20%off sale. I know this sounds great but the price scanned in wrong to begin with. It was marked at $130. (20% 0ff = $104.) It scanned in at $100. I only paid (well I went halves as a present) $80. I saved $50!

At some stage I will write an exciting post.....but not today.


River said...

I never iron anything anymore. Wash, dry, fold, wear. I like my life easy.Good luck getting the blanket finished. Photos would have been nice.......

Vanessa said...

That sounds like a ton of money for an iron!