Saturday, November 29, 2008

aaargh for the the reports

I still haven't finished those pesky year 8 and 9 reports. To be honest I can't be stuffed. I know that I don't have to be in at the work place Monday and I can't find the motivation. I would rather sit and do my own thing.

Actually the house work looks inviting.

I really need to finish my reports - I'm having hallucinations about the beauty of housework!

Today - after the reports are done and I've emailed them to my buddy.....(lucky her) and I've done some of the neglected housework (4 weeks since the vacuum cleaner and I have had a date) I am going to a dvd night. Have no idea what we are watching but it will be great.

One bonus of tonight is a catch up with a girl that I had dinner with last night. You would think we would have talked out everything last night but we were at a 'meet at dinner'.

There is nothing like meeting 5 other single people over dinner in a nice restaurant. I laughed when I saw her, as did she. The others at the table thought we had met at other dinners as two of the men said they had a few times. We explained that we were in a book club together but it came out, not my intention, that we knew each other through a social club.

We might debrief together. I already have my views of the gentlemen that I met. I might just see where she lies in the same situation - do we have the same taste in men?

It feels great to be out there again. Not much at this stage but I need to get out and mix with single people again.

Oh dear - off to report write. I think I might just have to do the vacuuming...........decisions. I apologise to all those who left the comments about finishing - I promise it will be done NOW!

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Vanessa said...

It does sound like you have quite a lot on your plate with these pesky reports!

umm, my word captcha is "chest"