Thursday, October 23, 2008

On the couch

So the kids sang at the funeral today - and I think they did a fantastic job considering the emotional roller coaster that is a funeral and the fact that they couldn't hear the organ.

I had been under the impression that I was going to have to take a keyboard, amp etc in my car but I only took 4 kids, the music and a music stand. Just as I was pulling up to the venue the other teacher (see yesterdays blog) rang me and told me that I had given the wrong place.......another suburb.......

I spoke to the former head of music last night and she agreed with me and the way I had dealt with the situation so when she turned up to the funeral today I made a passing comment about directions....Her reaction was "Bullshit!" LOL!

So the kids went in after the principal had spoken. They came in and had to stand next to the coffin. One kid was meant to solo at the beginning but couldn't and another took over once she realised that she had to be there......totally different melody to what was written BUT WHO CARES IN THIS SITUATION! I just kept the kid on the organ (other end of the room) in the right place. Interesting situation.

I'm having a well earned night off now. I came home from my singing lesson and I am lying on my couch (still in love with it).

The cat loves me - as I am home. I will be off to bed soon to try finish reading "The Handmaid's Tale". Thanks to Frogdancer for the book - I am finding it interesting but weird in the way it is written...... As soon as I have finished that one I am onto "Three Cups of Tea" for one book club.

Actually I should nickname them as I am in 2 book clubs. That's pretty easy. Drinking women's book club, and Busy Women's book club.

Drinking women's book club is a hoot. We talk about the book for about 20 minutes, up to about 30 minutes and the rest of the time is gossip, chatting, drinking and trying to work out what and when is the next book/time. There are quite a few women in this club. Last meeting we had 8 there and a few were absent. It's very laid back. I have almost 3 months to read the next book - Margaret Attwood - "Blind Assassin".

The other one - Busy Women- has 5 very highly educated women in it. (I'm talking multiple university degrees each...I only have 2 so I feel inadequate but I know I am NOT!) They are all beautiful women but they make me want to be a rebel. We've had one meeting and we had a very SERIOUS discussion about the book. It was fantastic but I came undone as I had not finished the book. I read it a few years ago and watched the tv series but it was not flowing easily for me. This is the one I have to read "Three Cups of Tea" for. Our next meeting is in a fortnights time. I will start reading the book this weekend. I have read the first few pages and I am intrigued so it should be good. I might also have to take a few notes.......

So why two clubs? I'm not sure but I am really loving the challenge of reading so much. I hated reading at school but this is very different. We decide what and then just go from there.

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Frogdancer said...

Ben was very unprofessional. He has to stop being a precious flower. I was really aghast when he refused to sing and pushed it onto Brielle.
The rest of the choir did a great job. I was really proud of them.