Friday, October 17, 2008

catching up on it all

Bless me all for it has been three days since my last posting.

I am exhausted after all that bloody marking of performances!  The kids in the performance class are exhausted after playing for me under pressure.  So we're all doing silly things in class - and laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation.......and how bad our humour is!

My talk for the Germans was good.  One girl vagued out completely.  Who can blame her.  Some random woman talk full pelt in a language that is not your first - it could be very boring......BUT I AM VERY INTERESTING.........

Some of the boys were discussing the music I played for them (Parkway Drive, Cat Empire, The Waifs, The Presets.....) but got into serious trouble from their German teachers.  There is nothing like hearing such a percussive language as German full pelt with anger behind it!  I was a little freaked but intrigued by that.

My year 8s continue with their raps.  Pigeons, facial hair, Mario Bros and a few about teachers that they don't like.  There are a few unmentionable topics which are funny but very rude in an innocent way.  I am loving this exercise lots.  I will keep this for next year.

Year 9 performance group are busy preparing performances for me.  They are working hard. Each group has to perform 2 songs per member of their group.  3 people = 6 songs and so on.  They are finding it difficult, not so much from the playing point of view but from the time management point of view and the fact that they are having to prepare so much.  

I had a quiet dig at them two weeks ago and most have told me that that was the scariest thing that they ever  All I said - in a very quiet, restrained voice was that I was unimpressed by their laid back attitude and their unwillingness to push themselves further.  I said that I was willing to mark what they were showing me but they might be quite upset by the mark.  I reminded them that they were talented but they haven't demonstrated this to me and they were wasting my time - and theirs.

They're working really well now.

I've heard this a few times now that I am at my scariest when I am not loud.  I have scary eyes which pierce into children when I am quiet........It is amusing to hear but also relevant as a survey was released that kids find 1 out of 4 teachers scary.

I have had to be tough on a few kiddies a few times this week.  Singing Divas have been at the top of my hit list!  Being a vocalist I hate the reputation that badly prepared and unwilling to compromise singers have given me.  I don't like the "I can't lift this as it will damage my throat." Grr!

Over it now.

I am eager for the weekend to get here - just for the sleep in!  And to get out of the grumpy mood.


River said...

I've never liked the sound of German. I was born there but grew up here in Aus. and most of my early memories are of my parents having loud "discussions" in german. Years later my mum tried to teach it to me but I couldn't or wouldn't get the hang of it. I love the sound of Italian though and Japanese, although I can't speak either of those, it's English all the way here.

Frogdancer said...

Thanks for giving Jordan that lesson. This past month has been a huge learning curve for him.