Tuesday, September 9, 2008


It's very exciting - I have been clearing my nose for 24 hours and there is no let up in sight! I just thought you should all know. (well we have slowed now!) I haven't taken any herbal or other sinus medications. The doctor I saw yesterday told me that he thinks it is better if you allow your sinuses to go nuts. (my words not his) Those of you who suggested a neti pot - thank you, you all freaked me out. I might invest in one for the future. Inhalations have been my go today.

I am sitting here doing my tax - should've done it earlier but, meh! I've got until October 31 so if I do it now I will be laughing.

I spent just under 2 hours on the phone to apple help today. Reason? I can't log onto itunes - which is where I buy music from. Anyone got another site that might be a little better but still as safe? The issue that I have is that the connections are not right - I keep getting rejected. I am almost over that.....the guys at apple aren't. I had beautiful comments coming back to me like "that's an unusual situation", or "I wasn't expecting that" (bodes well.....) and my personal favourite for the day "I am at the end of my professional expertise and I don't think I can help you." Thanks for the honesty sir! I have an idea of what it is that I need to do....but don't have the expertise to do it. I will chat to techs at work tomorrow.

I'm off to work tomorrow and I am almost excited. I have gone a little stir crazy here today....

Last night I watched Boston Legal - which I don't normally catch as it is after my bedtime and I don't have a recorder. I will invest in one I think. I have forgotton how much I love that show.


Vanessa said...

Did Apple get your iTunes working again?

Anonymous said...

I love Boston Legal, watch it when I can stay awake. I never remember to record anything!

Bayjb said...

Glad you're feeling a little better at least. That stinks about Apple and iTunes, hope it was fixed.