Thursday, September 11, 2008

today was fun

I have one of those days that have been unique.

I have a new friend sitting near me at my desk. The woman I normally back onto is on long service leave and her replacement is a first year out "crazy" teacher. She is awesome. Today we had a stupid conversation about 'bad' fashion and I was encouraged, and I don't need much, to tuck my long pants into my nylon knee-high stockings. It was such a bad look but such a good laugh.

I wandered around the staffroom and only a few people noticed that I had this awful mess below my knees and they were not sure where to look...... Frogdancer was particularly concerned that I had fat calves and that I was making a bad fashion statement. Thanks for that.

I had lots of fun with the kids too - although my pants weren't tucked into my stockings. We laughed, we joked, there were a few well-chosen hard-spoken words.....when there was inappropriate behaviour, and there was creativity and decision making.

I LOVE MY JOB! Now to work on the rest of my life - home, love, exercise.......

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