Tuesday, September 30, 2008


It's hard rubbish season in my neighbourhood. I find this time of year fascinating. You get to compare your rubbish with others. There is this moment where people put their lives on the lawn in front of their house and you can see what is going on in their lives.

Many people have thrown out baby gear. I think that accounts for the many screams of delight I hear from very, very young people in the neighbourhood.

I have, so far, put out my lounge and two arm chairs. I still have an old clothes airer, cat scratching post, garden trimmer, bits of wood and old roll of carpet to go out. I might have another look through the house and garage and be able to add to this collection.

My neighbours have put a few things out and I have discovered that they have good rubbish this year. I had good rubbish last year.

Good rubbish is basically stuff you don't want and you put out but is snaffled up by another before it has time to set on the lawn.

I feel slightly unloved as my lounge and two chairs are still there. Last year all my hard rubbish was gone within 12 hours of going out.

On my walk this morning I saw many people picking through the remains of peoples lives and walking off with their bounty. Personally I picked up a piece of dowel that is part of the hi-tech security system I have here.

My friend I walk with is eyeing off a slide. Hopefully it will still be there this afternoon when her husband comes home from work. He can then put it in the back of their car and take it home for their babe.

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