Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cooking up a storm

Its Frogdancer's birthday today and she is having a party.

The invitation was to bring a bag of chips to share (own drinks etc) and then we'll get pizza for dinner.

I think I've outdone myself. I've made hummus. It tastes so good. A friend of mine gave me a tin of chick peas and three tins of butter beans. I still don't know why but she decided I needed to have them. Still thinking of what to make with the butter beans but the hummus is awesome.

I've got mini choc chip, choc-fudge muffins in the oven at the moment. They will soon be covered in choc frosting. It's a chocolate explosion in your mouth.

I have to thank as it is my most favourite recipe place. You can type in a tricky ingredient and suddenly all these recipes come back to you.

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Vanessa said...

I love trying new recipes. I've always wanted to make my own hummus. Was it easy?