Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Now I have a new motherboard.

I have finally had the opportunity to write again! I wrote so long ago - last week in fact. Let me tell you the woes of this laptop.

Having complained about my day of PD I took my baby laptop (must speak nicely about the darling....) to the technicians at work. All I wanted was to change the balance of storage in my dual platformed macbook. I wanted to have less on the pc side and more on the mac side - this was all so I could load Logic (needing to teach with it and all!).

The technicians - lovely young men - took my baby and said they would do just that and even load up the program for me (5 hours worth of loading). Great.

I went back at the end of the day and they said they found an issue. My baby had network issues. She loads up the network but then after a while she drops out. So to solve this problem they decided to install the latest operating system.

Next day the problem go BIGGER. Main issue? Technicians had NO IDEA. Not great!

They took my hard drive, having changed the balance of memory and loaded all the programs, and put it into a 'loaner' while they tried to "sort" out what the go was with my baby.

I had this loaner and try as I might, I couldn't get on the internet at home. I think this was a user error and not the laptop.

Went back and the technicians first wanted to know what the powder was that I had in the body of my laptop. HUH? I did reply with a quick quip that I am a musician after all........ We all laughed heartily at my wit but they still had NO IDEA about the issue facing the baby.

When these particular guys haven't got a clue it does not bode well.

The BIG apple technicians were coming!!!!

I tried again with the internet at home and could not get it to work so no blogging and no email......I have never felt so isolated. Isn't it amazing how reliant we become on these things!

I went back to the technicians and asked one if he could explain why I couldn't get on the internet - he sorted it out. I then asked when the BIG guy was coming. "don't hold your breath" was the reply. The other technician (they happen to be brothers) got of the phone and laughed at us both that the technician was coming RIGHT now.

I now have my laptop back with a NEW motherboard! ALL the technicians had no idea what was wrong with baby but she is working.

Now to say thank you to all who commented on my last post - and welcome Gorgeous, my sister.

In the last week it has been crazy pick up the rehearsing for MASSIVE concert next week, attend excursion to the circus with my Styles class on Friday night, supervision of interstate school rehearsal at work on Saturday while teaching Frogdancer's son, and then attend percussion Eisteddfod on Sunday (8 hours of drumming!!!!).

It wasn't that exciting really so you haven't missed anything much. Teaching Frogdancer's son to sound like David Lee Roth singing "Just a Gigolo" was probably a highlight.........

Now to catch up on all the reading of other peoples' blogs.


Isabelle said...

Very stressful.

(You don't really want a review of the late show. Trust me. The acting and singing were good. The rest was not.Sigh.)

Vanessa said...

So glad it's all fixed up now, I was starting to wonder if you would make it back to the interwebz.