Friday, August 1, 2008

bend and stretch

Thank you all - those who wrote and those who told me in person - I am feeling lots better. My back was spoken to quite severely. Not by my normal osteopath but by his employee. My osteopath is on paternity leave - not sure if to a girl or boy.

The offsider gave me some "great" stretches to do as my back is tighter than stretched elastic! They hurt - but in a great way!!!! (who am I trying to kid - they HURT!) You sit on a chair (good so far) put your right ankle on your left knee (that's a thought provoking action) and with a straight spine lean forward slightly. If you are doing this, you should feel this in your buttock of the right side.

You then lean, ever so slightly, on your right knee and do the same leaning action. You should now feel on the side of your buttock. Once more do the stretch but this time lift your knee ever so slightly. (This one doesn't hurt that much.)

Repeat on the other side of your body. - this is the FUN part. I can't actually get my left ankle to my right knee easily. This is the thing I am now working on! I am flexible in other ways - can place my palms on the ground leaning forward! I can twist really well.

Off to stretch some more. Maybe a glass of wine will help relax the muscles to stretch further.

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Scott said...

Oooh I just tried that stretch! Not bad at all!