Thursday, July 3, 2008

more holiday jobs being done

I am getting there in terms of the organisation except that I didn't start last night.

My idea to start to sort out the study last night was a good one but the study was cold and I thought bugger it. So I am starting in a few minutes - when I finish here.

I have been sewing up the hoodie that I started at the beginning of winter. It is this awesome top that I put together - knitted. I had this crazy idea that I would finish it this morning BUT I have the wrong size zip. Grrr!

Last night I attached the sleeves to the should and then attached the hood. Once that was done I picked up 150 stitches around the hood and shoulders and started to rib finish that. OMG! It was so bloody heavy that I couldn't get that far. I finished that this morning and have tidied up the final ends of yarn. Finally I sewed up the sleeves and side seams so it sits nicely. I have to now purchase a new zip and put that in and put the covering on the inside so that it looks beautiful.

I have also purchased lots of wool to make 2 new jumpers - I tell you I have become addicted to knitting. I knit with the tv on in the background. I don't really watch the tv it is only on to drown out the neighbours. If you had a snapshot of my lounge room it would look like a fantastic nana scene. My cat is on my knee and I am surrounded by wool and knitting quite happily.

I thought I was one of the only people in my age group who was into this sort of thing but I joined a "stitch and bitch" group and I discovered a whole stack of like-minded people. Woo Hoo! Now I can say to my friends who marvel at the old fashioned skills that I possess - "look, there are heaps of us out there! I'm not that nuts!" I might also add that they don't mock me when they get a pressie. (it is only one or two who state anything but they're just having a little fun.)

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Vanessa said...

You sound incredibly talented at knitting if you can make a piece like that!