Saturday, June 28, 2008

Navel gazing

It's Saturday morning and the first day of my holidays. I have had a good sleep in - woken just after 8am (for me that is two hours past normal time) by the neighbours, in the group of units I live in, having a great conversation in the driveway.

I have done a small amount of something and a whole lot of nothing so far. It's fantastic!

I have not really planned anything for the two weeks off but I have suddenly found myself with a few days spare here and there. It is amazing! I love the idea of having time to read, catch up on the sewing and finish a few other projects here and there whilst catching up with friends and family.

My main focus for the two weeks (on a completely personal level) is to get myself sorted out - diet, exercise, fiscal and fashion. I am now sitting and looking at the pantry shelves wondering where all the "whole foods" I had planned on consuming are.

I have done some serious thinking in the past few days as well. A few questions that have raised their ugly heads are 1) Where do I want to be in 5 - 10 years time? (To answer this I am thinking career, relationship-wise, further study, housing etc); and 2) What am I prepared to do to get to these areas?

Why have I been thinking like this? Well I have had a few people throw interesting curve balls my direction. None of them were sort, but they have given me the opportunity to sort through issues. I have a long way to go with them and as a result I have had a few emotions that I wasn't expecting, to rise up and get in my way.

I always find it interesting that these things come to challenge your thinking when you are under the belief that everything is going along smoothly. But then again it wouldn't be as interesting if you didn't have a thought provoking challenge or two to jump up and stand in your way.

Will I discuss these issues with others? I don't really think I will, I probably won't give much more than what I am giving now, which is basically nothing but an outline that I am thinking about things. Everyone has these moments where they sit and contemplate their navel - I am just telling people that I am doing it. Nothing serious at all but I have noticed that my observations of the world are a little narrower as I am focusing on me and as a result my blog is becoming a little introspective. You will probably notice when I bounce back......there will be more blogs that are just silly and about the world around just hang in there.

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