Saturday, May 3, 2008

It's all good!

I just want to clarify something. Although I have been complaining a lot in my blog this week, especially about being tired, please believe me I am fine.

Just want to point out that I am tired, stressed because I am not up-to-date with my work (my own targets being set here!) and over emotional because I am tired - oh and I am quite forgetful as well at the moment due to tiredness! Other than that I am quite fine. In fact, at the end of next week I will be ecstatic! Why? The student teacher will have finished any my "spare" time at work will be used to get work done so I don't have to bring it home.

Just thought I would set the record straight - in case you were concerned.


Frogdancer said...

Concerned? About you?

Well I wasn't.

(I'm far too self-absorbed.)

alice said...

I just found you, so even though I am clueless as to your health, I am glad it's OK ;)