Thursday, April 24, 2008

Smoke get's in your eyes

Melbourne is awash with smoke. Last night I had to turn the recycle air button on as it was so thick that I couldn't open the window of my car and the air coming through the vents was awful.

Driving home from an excursion today I realised that the horizon looked like someone had held a piece of gauze out in front of me and stretched it so that you could see the distance almost clearly.

Everything smells of smoke. I have not put my washing on the line - I have clothes horses up around the house instead but they still smell of smoke.

One of the State Government departments has decided that now is the time to burn off the overgrown bushland. There is hardly any wind at the moment so we have this high level of pollution just sitting around. I live near the bay so I get a small amount of bayside breeze and some clearing of the smoke, but still I find my throat is dry and irritated (over the top of the cold that I have).

On the plus side - it is a long weekend starting now! I am happy. I am home (still have a singing lesson to get to but that is nothing.) I will be away for 2 nights and I plan to relax. I have some correction to do but I will do that early. Oh the sleep ins......

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Isabelle said...

Thanks for your comment about my poor friend. Some interesting thoughts about teaching in your blog. Glad you're happy!