Saturday, March 22, 2008

Popcorn for anyone?

So I have had my own movie marathon these last few days. It all happened by accident.

Driving home from work on Thursday night I was feeling a bit flat. The young 'uns went off to have dinner together after we had after work drinks. I felt somewhat peeved that I hadn't been invited BUT I know that my answer would've been 'no' so I decided that I just had to get over it.

I realised that I had stupidly said that I wouldn't be able to make dinner with a very close friend and a friend of hers from work. I looked at the time and knew that I could make it before they went off to dance class. (I had been to that class before but wasn't up for a dance on Thursday night).

After a good time of catch up it was time for the lovely ladies to head off to their class and I started to head home. I realised that I haven't been home on a Thursday night in ages and had no idea what was on TV. So I detoured to the movie shop and browsed the shelves.

What a selection - there are so many movies that I haven't seen, mainly as I don't want to see them. A few of them caught my attention because I had heard mixed reviews from kids and friends. My take home bounty was The Nanny Diaries, Stomp the Yard and Pirates of the Caribbean 3:At world's end. My viewing order was set by the return dates on them.

Nanny diaries first. Pretty much a modern take on Mary Poppins without the singing, dancing and credible story line. There was so much sugary, sweet goop on the screen. Almost credible acting but I fast forwarded through a lot of this. Also I got up and roamed the house a few times.

As the neighbours were out on the patio watching the footy I decided to watch another film. Stomp the Yard. Ha ha ha ha ha!

I'm sorry to admit that I watched it twice - but both times I fast forwarded through the predictable story line (bad boy overcomes all after being given a second chance, rises to the top of a conservative group of people and wins the girl although his nemesis is giving him a run for his money - sounds like a good opera to me!) I stopped the fast forward at the dance/step routines. They were pretty good but were annoyingly edited with special effects (camera angles, speed etc).

Good Friday I caught up with a good friend for lunch and she suggested that we go to see Juno which I had wanted to see for a long time but hadn't managed. GREAT film in my humble opinion. Story of teenage pregnancy and the raw emotions that go with it. Loved it!

Then I had my usual meeting with a group of people who gather to eat and see a movie. I thought that I wouldn't mind seeing Run Fatboy Run. Although funny, it wasn't what I thought it would be.

Today I watched the third of my DVDs Pirates of the Caribbean 3. A very dark film. Good. Much better than the 2nd but not as good as the 1st. Twists and turns a plenty in this.

I am over the movies at the moment. 5 in 48 hours is a lot to deal with. Time for friends, talking and some reading to allow my imagination the chance to play.


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