Friday, March 7, 2008


I have been tagged by Mr Abode for a meme. This comes in two parts and both have made me think - as if I have hadn't had enough of that this last week!

5 Random/Weird things about myself

1. I am closer in age to my eldest niece than I am her mother - 10 years:14 years.

2. I have lived in 14 houses/units in 10 years. (something about those numbers which is just weird within itself)

3. I have a scar on the side of my face which I got from a dog bite when I was in grade 4.

4. I have a split uvula (you know, the thing that hangs down at the top of your throat at the back of your mouth.)

5. I have named nearly all my cars (Myrtle the Mazda, Horatio the Datsun, Querida the Holden and now the Astra - which I haven't named.

5 places I want to see or see again

1. Having read Mr Abodes thoughts I agree with this: West coast of the US - especially San Francisco and the Yosemite National Park. Alaska, Washington state, Canada. Also Chicago, Grand Canyon, Baltimore and New York.

2. I also agree with Bay of Islands in NZ (again though). I would love to see the Milford Sound in NZ though - from one end of the islands to another.

3. Ireland - never been there but gees I think it would be amazing.

4. South America - it would be fascinating and exciting.

5. Closer to home I would love to see Western Australia especially during the flower season. It would be beautiful.

I tag Nancy, Laura and Vanessa


scottsabode said...

How about Arnold the Astra? A split uvula? Is that very rare - I have never heard of such a thing. Mine swells up sometimes and it feels like I'm going to swallow it!

Vanessa said...

Thanks! I'll get to it soon!

widget said...

I think a split uvula is very rare as I have never met anyone with one but then it's not something you ask people in the first few minutes of meeting. Keep an eye on yours if it keeps swelling, doesnt sound great.

Like Arnold but often I look for names that are a old fashioned. Archibald? but then I havent decided if it is male or female. So impersonal. I will keep you posted on the names though.