Friday, March 14, 2008

it's too darn hot!

It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot at the moment. I live in Melbourne and it's meant to be Autumn (Fall) and we still have temperatures over 35o C (95 F). Last night it got down to about 25C (77F) I slept well but many of my students didn't and they are tired, grumpy and just cant be bothered with anything that I have set.

Yesterday was 38C (100.4) and then today is 40C (104). In Adelaide they have had 16 days straight with this kind of weather which is apparently a record. In Melbourne we have just had a record for a 40C in March.

I am over the hot weather. We have had it since October last year - that's 6 months. I don't mind the hot weather but we have stage 3a water restrictions (35% left in the dams) so I feel guilty when I do anything related to water. The other thing is that my house has two WEST facing full-wall length windows so my house gets very hot. It's hot in and out of the house. i keep the back door open and the neighbours sit on their patio and talk in really loud 'ocker' (slang for Australian) voices. It frustrates me!

Ok - so I have had a whinge and a grumble. Maybe I am affected by the heat. Good thing I don't live in the north of Australia, I would never shut up with my whining.


Vanessa said...

WOW! That is hot for what is supposed to be your fall season. I'd be a little grumpy too.

widget said...

Yeah - it's only the beginning of the season. we've just had a mild cool change come in. going to get down to 19C (66.7) overnight which is a relief. Bring on the cooler days and nights! They think it might happen next Thursday!

Anonymous said...

I would have thought world heating would have lasted a little longer.