Saturday, March 1, 2008


Anonymity (or as much as I have given myself on this site) has many opportunities and some restrictions.

The opportunities mean that I can talk about what is going on in my world to a freer level without worrying about the majority of people knowing who I am talking about etc. I have the ability to talk through issues that affect me - most of them I am trying to see the humouress side of.

Restrictions - well. Through my advertising to friends and family I feel that I can't talk about everything that I am thinking of or trying to work through.

This came to light today when I was sent a link by someone I know, to read and I was amazed. There is so much passion in this writing and there is so much desire to work through what is below the surface. While I do not have such issues in my life I respect the desire for the space to work through their issues.

I would love you to read what is there and comment if you want to but PLEASE if you work out who this person is do not leave a name.........there is a desire to remain totally anonymous.

I thank this person for allowing me the opportunity to learn a little more about their life.


Anonymous said...

Finding oneself is for some a journey never finished and if that is the case its quite sad. For those whom have discovered and learnt about themselves it becomes almost a duty to share and clear a path for others experiencing maybe not the same in terms of the experience but more in terms of feelings. The problem is that if someone knows who you are as you make those initial steps to take venture and express yourself, they can be ready to make fun or use the information as a sort of pin to cause pain. The moment we can tell a complete stranger without fear or pain from within we are free. It then becomes a tool to help others and rather blunt tool to those whom try and use it against you. The biggest problem with a lot of people is that whilst the wish you to believe and respect their feelings and opinions, quite often they fail to look at another point of view and respect it whether they agree with it or not. The old saying of you can count your real friends on one hand is all too true, if their experience can assist, great, if not avenues to express ourselves like this can be good and get great input.

Mr Goatie

widget said...

thanks Mr Goatie. Love hearing your opinion - although we have been quiet in that area for a while..... Was good to catch you in person the other day as well.

Anonymous said...

Yes it had its moments and many opinions not mine being sprouted too. I was clearly expressing my thoughts, equally i was not going to add more fuel to a raging fire, that if i joined would only be seen as confirmation to a lot of rubbish. Good ol divide an conquer going on, though i believe the truth prevails and all things are seen for what they are. I also knew your support and approach would be invalueable, so here is to good times.

Mr Goatie