Thursday, February 14, 2008

Catching up on the fun things

So I was just doing a little reading of people's blogs and found a few things that I wanted to get involved with. As you can see I have shown what disney character I am already.....

Now I was tagged by frogdancer to turn to page 123 of the nearest book, find the fifth sentence then write down the next 3 sentences (thanks for the book meme!)

So at the moment my light reading is The Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape. Page 123 would go something like this:

"Without looking at charts, subscribing to an investment newsletter or trawling through economic histroical analysis, you;ve managed to buy more units when the prices is at its lowest and fewer as it nears its highs. Considering very few professional traders ever correctly pick the highs and the lows, you, my friend, are a bloody legend! The name for this is 'dollar cost averaging', which basically means that, with you paying the same each month, the price of shares and the number of shares you buy averages out each month."

Thanks for that frogdancer! I haven't really got that far into the book and I am a little perplexed by what I have written. I'll have to go back and read to get to that point.

Okay so I tag laura, also abode as he is an English teacher and reading should be fairly easy (and he got me to find out that I was goofy as a disney character). Two newbies I am reading through The Great Interview Experiment: nancy, and vanessa. Now I would like to tag 123Iloveyou, but that is a big one and he is newly moved to Japan. Lets just see how he responds - or if he responds. I might have to comment and let him know.

Also I just read frogdancer's blog and discovered that I was a highlight for the swimming sports yesterday. No photos yet (I hope someone got one of me!) but I spent some time dancing as Baloo to the Bare Necessities. I had a good time and ALL the kids think I am a complete nutter. It is all good. Oh her socks look good.

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